One day a friend of mine was invited to the ceremony of marriage. You can now write a separate story about how much agonizing hour they brought a cosmetologist until caused her face to the State of well cared for.

But after a cosmetic procedure is the most angry sagging upper eyelids, that she was never able to get rid of it. Another friend of mine a return of a romantic trip and brought a whole stack of photos, which they then embarrassed to show because of pending upper eyelids on her face was, thinking that the number of cosmetic defect is.

Today we have three options for skin tightening of the upper eyelid:

  1. Surgical modification of the eyelid called blepharoplastiek;
  2. Cosmetic creams and gels for skin tightening of the upper eyelid;
  3. Self-adhesive strips for skin tightening of the upper eyelid.

Every woman knows that hanging and sagging upper eyelids a problem for her, which ultimately starts are on the ballot and mental health. When blepharoplastiek (surgery to lift the upper eyelid), it seemed that there it is the very solution to all the problems women face. But honestly speaking between us, women, the surgery is surgery. Not every woman will be decided on surgery to her body, after which the skin still some scars left from her wounds. Especially because not everyone can afford such an operation for financial reasons.

More recently the market has a new organic product called anti-aging botox alternative. This product has already great popularity in the United Kingdom and I will tel you about the article in the future.

In the distant Asian countries, many girls and women are passionate about creating the effect of pop eye for what they are in addition to different lenses, false eyelashes and use a special adhesive for eyelids. Lifting the arm weak eyelids, they are applied to the surface of the various layers of special glue that secures lid after drying in an elevated State. This is a rather time consuming process that requires special care in the treatment of the glue not to get in the eyes.

Leading cosmetic companies in the world often produce a special gel for the correction of the upper eyelid and the area below the eyebrows. Usually such collagen gels encouraged with subsequent recovery of elastin fibers in the skin. It makes the skin more elastic and elevator offers the upper eyelid.

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Adhesive strips

In Western countries, are some beauticians gone the other way. Some years ago, a British company in Scotland has developed and released a special adhesive strips for the eyelid without surgery. This magical strip in the West have acquired great popularity among women, because they have started to use many British and Hollywood movie stars or Western top models, for example the British actress Michelle Collins, an American actresses Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, etc. These strips are a real age a secret look at the many celebrities.

The adhesive strips for eyelid lift without surgery is a completely new product that can significantly against the appearance on the woman face hanging, sagging, or in the form of a hood eyelid. As a rule, sagging eyelids as a result of aging, although some people may be born with an extra skin on the eyelids, resulting in their faces are very hard look. Other women are born with a very deep-set eyes, that’s why it’s hard to even look at that person because it makes these people very aloofness or aloof. I think you agree that there is nothing more than a young and pretty face than the eyes open, friendly, young and healthy, and now it can be easily achieved without surgical intervention.

Adhesive strips on the eyes lift – it’s just adhesive strips (passed the test for the increased allergy) that soft and of course your eyelids hoarding, lifting them in a more natural position and making the eyes more open. This works on the eyebrows. As a result, gives an openness of your eyes you a more active way of designer brands, not a woman a sleepy look that you had previously. Along with the stripes to the soft gel on the basis of vaseline or petrolatum, which is easy to use and can securely, but gently keep the skin associated with comics. All are designed for you to strip to keep the eyelids during the day, on average, comics are saved 10-12 hours. Are you allergic to vaseline, in which case it would be wise to avoid the use of adhesive strips, such as irritation or discomfort you’ll experience.

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How to apply

  • If you do it yourself, than sitting in front of a mirror.
  • Adhesive strips are mounted on clean skin, so you need to carefully clean the skin on the eyelids of the makeup.
  • Take a strip.
  • Close one eye.
  • Fingers to eliminate hanging skin on the eyelid and gently pull.
  • The self-adhesive strip on the top of the skin then apply to the eyelid and press the light on.
  • Strip keeps the upper eyelid sagging.
  • Repeat with the other eye.

Put makeup on top of comics and the skin of both eyelids to hide strips of external attention.

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The use of

An adhesive strips are easily removed and then reused and applied. To begin, place the strip in the desired location on the upper eyelid and keep it pressed in position 1-2 minutes, and the strip will remain at a certain place. This adhesive strips are equally suitable for both women and men, in General, they are suitable for everyone who likes the look of their eyes and whole face, without resorting to surgery to improve. It is clear that the appearance of stripes they very attractive option, as they are not visible on the face will.

Even if someone is staring at you, is the usual composition easy to hide the presence of strips of skin color. Makeup can be easily and safely be used before or after applying the strips. It doesn’t matter what form of eye or how big or small your eyes, stripes will fit in any case. Of course, like this glue strips can not be used in your makeup eyeshadow. But you don’t have to wait to see results, as they can be seen in a single moment. Don’t forget that you can not put strips on the top of your makeup, your makeup apply after you’ve pasted these strips on the eyelids.

Regardless of your age and regardless of the purpose of your desire to the overall appearance of your eyes and face, will this eyelid lifter small and unobtrusive to outsiders make wonders for most people who have problems with the appearance of their eyes. These strips will help to recover from the form of lost youth and confidence in a very short time. Would you like to wear stripes on a daily basis, or just for special events and celebrations such as weddings, photo sessions, video or corporate party, they help you really. With a month supply at a reasonable price can you really don’t look like there is something wrong. Compared with Botox or plastic, these strips do not endanger your health no side effects.

Now a British company upper eyelid lifter online selling via the Internet, delivery by mail worldwide. Pleasant surprise is that this thin Self-adhesive plastic strips really work. This product is a good mask defect sagging eyelids and gives you a Visual representation of what the upper eyelid is lifted and the eyes are more open.

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Learn more

This upper eyelids to easily apply immediately lifts and gives you a more youthful, alert appearance. This one product is recommended by Lou Paige, makeup artist who begins and officially used by begins with the set of Superman movie. You can this product on TV, on loose women and the British Daily Mail looked.

When you bought this one for less than $ 50 price you get 30 strips in each box, it’s a whole month supply of comics if you are applying strips every day. Some users have reported to manufacturer who they are looking and feeling 10 years younger with the use of eye lid lifter, there is no hard and fast rule with the comics, you can get them any time, no matter where you are or what you do which makes it a very viable alternative to surgery. You can have more confidence in your appearance and look better in photos or look people straight in the eye once more, to know that you look great.

Of course, you can not be confused by the price of the product from this manufacturer, but it depends on your financial possibilities. Every woman collects her home accessory kit, on the basis of its functions. You can always search the Internet for cheaper products.

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