Resveratrol is all over the news these days. Stories of the amazing benefits of resveratrol can still take the unwary by surprise. Did you know that resveratrol has cancer fighting properties. That resveratrol in red wine is considered responsible for the French paradox.

That the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol so powerful that some resveratrol have called the fountain of youth ‘ Resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory, boosts energy levels, lowers blood sugar and extends life. These are not outrageous claims — they be studied and tested clinical benefits of resveratrol.

That’s why resveratrol is such an exciting compound, and why you hear so much about.

Once, red wine was considered the best source of resveratrol benefits. Luckily, today it is easy for anyone to take what some call it red wine pill to take advantage of all the benefits of hundreds or even thousands of bottles of red wine in each dose. The benefits of resveratrol are amazingly powerful.

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Resveratrol sources

Most and popular sources of resveratrol in red wine and grapes. Minute amounts of the antioxidant are also found in peanuts, but they are not used in supplementary applications. Instead, the Japanese knot weed plant is a common source of resveratrol extracts in dietary supplements.

Some people just drink a glass or two of red wine a day to enjoy the health benefits of resveratrol. However, using a resveratrol supplement provides the benefits of hundreds, even thousands of bottles of red wine in each pill. Resveratrol supplements are the absolute best way to take advantage of the benefits of resveratrol.

Research into the benefits of resveratrol

Numerous studies have been conducted on various alleged resveratrol benefits. Studies are mainly performed on laboratory animals, and while human search promising, is still in its earliest stages. Current research into resveratrol benefits points to resveratrol with amazing anti-aging properties, hence called the fountain of youth. In various medical arenas it is agreed that resveratrol provides many important health benefits for the people who have good quantity in their diet.

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Resveratrol and anti-aging

Additional resveratrol benefits include cancer fighting and weight loss. It is also believed that resveratrol works as an effective anti-aging ingredient. This is because resveratrol is thought to stimulate the SIRT1 gene. This gene is the one responsible for reducing fat stores during low-calorie diets. Stimulation of this gene also seems to help slow down the aging process. Further research is needed, but many people swear by the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol in their diet. People looking for additional ways to slow down the aging process might try introducing this antioxidant to their health regime as a way to increase it.

Resveratrol report on 60 minutes

The buzz about resveratrol benefits reached a fever pitch when the antioxidant was featured on the well respected News Show 60 minutes. Correspondent Morley Schafer spoke with doctors and researchers with respect to the various alleged health benefits of resveratrol, the attention of millions of television viewers around the world. Who may have hesitated to believe the hype about this product were generally very impressed that a great Show like 60 minutes would be so prominent feature. (When was the last time you heard of so many great, scientifically proven benefits with no side effects)

Since then, the popularity of resveratrol to supplement has grown even more. We analyzed, reviewed and rated the best resveratrol supplements-check out our resveratrol reviews to compare resveratrol supplements and see which resveratrol supplement is the best.

Live a longer, healthier and happier life by taking advantage of the benefits of resveratrol!

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